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How is Coffee Decaffeinated?

While most of us love the jolt of energy coffee gives us in the morning, some just like the wide variety of flavors or maybe you want it later in the afternoon and don't want to stay up till 11 P.M. pumped up on caffeine. 

There's a solution to this, it's decaffeinated coffee. While this may be the most simplistic answer-there is actually a lot that goes into making your coffee without caffeine. From how it's done to it being potentially healthier for you-read this article for this information and more. Maybe you will choose it the next time you pick your cup of coffee. 

Daily caffeine consumption can change the gray matter of the brain

What is Decaf Coffee?

Decaf is short for decaffeinated coffee-this is when the coffee from regular coffee beans have at least 97% of their caffeine content removed. 

How is it done?

This process is predominantly completed using water, organic solvents (like, dichloromethane or ethyl acetate), or carbon dioxide. Water is used prior/after extraction for both washing and the opening of the pores. 

This method is both the most common and least costly. 

The picture below shows a more in-depth diagram of the decaffeination process-

How do you decaffeinate coffee beans? | Mercanta

Is the decaffeination process harmful? 

The answer is no. All four of the most common methods used for extracting caffeine out of coffee beans are proven to be 100% safe. Once the caffeine is removed, the beans are washed, steamed, and roasted at temperatures that evaporate the liquids used in decaffeination.

What is the point?

Many not only choose decaf coffee for the absence of caffeine but also for the overall taste. This type has a milder coffee taste with less of a bitter aftertaste than most caffeinated coffees.  

This may be your go-to if you are sensitive to bitterness or just don't like it. 

Is is healthier? 

We all know the many positive effects that normal, caffeinated, coffee has on both your mind and body. Including improved mental efficiency, better mood, reduced risk of many different illnesses, etc... However, many stray away from decaf coffee because they think that when taking out the caffeine, all the health benefits are removed with it. This is not the case-In fact, you get all the same benefits without all the caffeine you may not be looking for so late in the day.  

Coffee – The More Your Drink, the Greater the Health Benefits | VitaMedica

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and depending on your level of intake and sensitivity, can give you a boost of energy. But what if you're someone who has to limit your caffeine intake? There's no reason to give up the benefits of that traditional cup o' joe just because you're trying to manage your caffeine intake. 

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How is Coffee Decaffeinated?
How is Coffee Decaffeinated?

While most of us love the jolt of energy coffee gives us in the morning, some just like the wide variety of flavors or...

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