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What to do with leftover coffee grounds?

We all like to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning either to give us a boost of energy for the day ahead or simply for the flavor. But, what do you do with your leftover coffee grounds? Most opt to throw them out, however, there are numerous ways to use those grounds both in the home and outside. 

From minimizing odor to starting your own thriving garden or even beauty scrubs, this article will show you how to reuse your leftover coffee grounds. Not only will these tips help you save money but, you will be helping the environment one step at a time. 

Reusing Coffee grounds in the home:

Repel Pests- 

Get rid of pesky pests like ants, slugs, or snails by using just your leftover coffee grounds. Just spread the grounds over the areas you want to repel them. They happen to hate the smell. Make sure to replace it everyday. 

Minimize Odors-

We all have something in our house that just makes the whole place smell but, we can’t ​​seem to find a way to get rid of it. Try using your leftover coffee grounds! Just sprinkle some on the bottom of your garbage can or put a bowlful in your fridge or freezer. 

Make Homemade Drain-O-

Having a hard time finding something to scrub your drain without all the chemicals? Try putting old coffee grounds down your kitchen sink. Grounds are already abrasive so it will naturally scrub your drain for you. 

Remove fleas from your pet-

Several flea-removal products are on the market but those contain harmful chemicals that may even do more harm than good to your beloved pet. Instead, after shampooing, simply rub old coffee grounds through your pet's coat and rinse. Fleas don’t like coffee and it may even add smoothness and shine to your pet's coat. 

Coffee Grounds for Flea Treatment

Use as a natural cleaning scrub-

Not only can you use your leftover grounds as a homemade drain cleaner but, you can also use them to remove build-up on hard-to-clean surfaces such as kitchen counters or pots and pans. It may even sanitize due to the ground's natural antibacterial properties. 


Disclaimer: Make sure to check if you can use grounds on these surfaces so you don’t accidentally scratch them. 

Reusing coffee grounds outside the home:

Grow a garden-

Old coffee grounds make a great fertilizer. It adds nitrogen and enriches the soil. Grounds also retain moisture and attract Earthworms. 

To make a coffee fertilizer, just mix your old grounds with dead grass clippings, brown leaves, or dry straw, then spread the mixture around acid-loving plants like Hydrangeas or Azaleas. 

Make a compost bin- 

Don’t want to garden? At least put those grounds into a compost bin. It will attract Earthworms and create a rich, organic compound for plants. 

Repel pests-

Coffee grounds can repel pests in the home but also in your garden. Slugs, cats, and even rabbits will leave your plants alone with just a sprinkle of coffee grounds. This will also help to enrich the soil. 

Using coffee grounds for beauty purposes:

Coffee ground scrub-

Want a natural face and body scrub that is easy to make while being cheap? Try making a coffee ground scrub. 


Mix 3 cups of used coffee grounds with 1 cup of a natural oil of your choice (coconut, almond, honey) and 1 cup of brown sugar for a raw scrub that will help to remove dead skin. You can also use it as a lip scrub. 

Disclaimer: Make sure not to use it on your face more than once a week as the grounds are coarse. Same goes for when you use it on your body.  

Hair exfoliant- 

Having a hard time getting rid of build-up or residue left on your hair? Before washing, rub a handful of coffee grounds into your hair first, then shampoo. 

Disclaimer: Don’t do this more than once or twice a week to not damage your hair or scalp. 


Coffee ground bath-

Place 1 cup of grounds in with a nut milk of your choice and secure with a rubber band. For extra relaxation, add ½ cups of epsom salts. Draw a bath and and place your “coffee bomb” in it. 


This activates your body’s own processes of repairing cellular damage. 

Get rid of puffy eyes- 

Studies show that caffeine found in coffee grounds can help to reduce the puffiness around your eyes and eliminate dark circles. 


Just apply the used grounds to the area beneath your eyes and gently wash off after they are dried. 

There’s no need to waste your leftover coffee grounds. These little morsels of life can be put to good use across the home and garden, with a little imagination. With a little bit of effort, you can discover plenty of ways to not only help the environment but your wallet too. 


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